What is OPMI?

OPMI staff tours new Green Line trains
Two OPMI staff members brainstorming a problem
Group picture of OPMI staff
OPMI staff participating in a mind-mapping workshop
OPMI staff participating in a mind-mapping workshop
Group photo of previous OPMI interns

The Office of Performance Management and Innovation (OPMI) monitors the quality of services delivered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and reports results to the public.

Massachusetts legislation requires OPMI to:

  • Evaluate the goals and measures established by the Department and its divisions and monitoring reported findings;

  • Recommend changes to proposed goals and measures as are appropriate to align them with the strategic priorities of the Secretary; and

  • Develop tools and documents that communicate the progress the Department and its divisions are making to achieve stated goals.

In practice, OPMI has four primary functions. As described above, OPMI oversees and executes MassDOT and the MBTA’s performance monitoring activities, including the annual publication of Tracker and daily updates to the MBTA Performance Dashboard. OPMI also conducts analysis for internal stakeholders including the Secretary and the MBTA General Manager on issues as wide-ranging as the efficacy of service delivery adjustments to the development of fare elasticity models. A related role is oversight and coordination of data sharing and MBTA-sanctioned research activities by third parties, including higher education and institutional researchers as well as local and national nonprofit organizations. Finally, OPMI develops new management and organizational tools for the Department.