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Hybrid Bus

The Rail & Transit Division tracks the performance of several regional rail programs and pilots such as the CapeFLYER and the ValleyFlyer. This year, the CapeFLYER served 6,923 trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2021 – a more than three-fold increase from FY21. The ValleyFlyer served 5,418 trips between October 2021 and June 2022. MassDOT contributes support for Amtrak’s Vermonter and Hartford (formerly “Springfield Shuttle”) services. The Vermonter, returning to service after a suspension in service due to the pandemic, reported 25,842 trips in FY22. The Hartford line served 97,338 trips in FY22.

Additionally, MassDOT-owned rail is also utilized by the MTBA and Amtrak to provide transit services to the region. Currently, the MBTA Commuter Rail uses 82 miles of MassDOT owned rail to provide its service and Amtrak uses 94.3 miles.