Pandemic Effects on Biking in Massachusetts

While we have focused primarily on transit ridership on this blog, the pandemic has significantly affected all transportation modes. One interesting case is the effect of the pandemic on biking. A so-called “bicycle boom” has been observed during the pandemic so far, as bicycle demand seemed to increase greatly throughout Massachusetts...

Customer Satisfaction for Months of Reduced Service

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of our usual frequent riders have stopped taking the MBTA. As a result, until service and ridership have begun to return to normal, we will be reporting customer satisfaction differently.

Subway Reliability Metrics Update

This post explains changes to the real-time data feed for heavy and light rail vehicles made on September 12, 2018 impact our reliability performance measure.

MBTA Systemwide Passenger Survey (2015-17) Data Release

The MBTA, working with the Central Transportation Planning Staff, has just completed a systemwide passenger survey to collect necessary passenger demographic data for bus routes and rail stations. This project updates the 2008-2009 dataset and will be used for service planning, ridership analysis, and Title VI equity analyses. 

Green Line Data Update

This post explains a change we just made to Green Line data that impacts our performance measures.

June 2016 Ridership Data

Keolis switch from paper to smartphone causing delays in retrieval of data, but is believed to work more efficiently than past system with some adjustments.