June 2016 Ridership Data

Commuter Rail train at Ashland Station
The Commuter Rail data collection process has changed. (Photo credit: Susana Hey, MBTA, 2018)

We are reviewing some of our June ridership data.

We had some technical difficulties with the bus ridership for the final two weeks in June. We are still tracking down ridership data that is missing from our automated data reporting system. The June average weekday ridership for bus currently posted on the Dashboard only includes days from June 1 through June 15. After we conclude our analysis, these numbers will be adjusted for our FY2016 report on ridership to the National Transit Database.

The Commuter Rail ridership data is showing variability as Keolis (our Commuter Rail operator) switches to a new method of collecting ridership data. April and May were the first months of transition from paper-based data collection processes to an improved smartphone collection process. The switch to the smartphone method was successful, but still requires some adjustments. In order to help calibrate the data additional passenger counts are taking place and we are comparing different data sources. Additional adjustments will be made after this analysis is complete.