Do T Riders Use Active Modes to Access Transit?

This year, MassDOT released new Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans with the goal of increasing the comfort, safety, and convenience of biking and walking for all people. One key piece of both plans is making it easier for people to access transit.

Red Line Derailment: The Ridership Response

After the unfortunate derailment on the Red Line in June 2019 that drastically affected service throughout the summer, we visualized how ridership on the line had been impacted.

MBTA Passenger Substitution Options

Substitution, as it relates to walkability, is defined here as the propensity at which passengers exclusively choose a particular route over other nearby alternative routes. Substitution explains differences in how passengers choose to access MBTA services.

Using Survey Data to Evaluate Walksheds

Studies of walking distances of different subway networks have found that walk distances vary considerably from station to station. In this blog post, we explore how walk distances may vary from station to station in our MBTA network