2020 Ridership in Review: Part 2

In 2020 Ridership In Review: Part 1, we took a broad look at ridership on the MBTA in 2020, and dove into the details on which types of passengers continued to ride the system. In this post, we’ll examine where passengers rode the system and how that changed from the patterns we typically see.

Fare Collection and Ridership Changes

While ridership remains far from normal, the return to fare collection provided a natural experiment for learning more about how the system is being used and how passengers respond to fares.

Bus Lane Pilot Results

When you separate buses from mixed traffic, you can both improve the speed of bus travel along the corridor and decrease the variability of run times, both of which make taking the bus a more competitive option with driving, and over time, you can not only improve the experience for passengers but also attract more... Continue reading Bus Lane Pilot Results

Demographics Over a Bus Route: The Case of Route 1

Long cross-town routes with multiple transfer/connection options tend to be likely to have different riders along the routes, with relatively few people riding the entire length of the route. We evaluate whether it makes sense to treat these routes as a single service, or at the segment level.