Highway Budget and Capital Performance

Pedestrian and Roadway Bridge Above Water

The achievement of MassDOT’s greater goals and objectives is heavily dependent upon fulfillment of the MassDOT Capital Investment Plan (CIP). Measures within the section help the Highway Division gauge performance in the delivery of projects and contracts proposed by the CIP.

Construction Contracts

During FY23, 63% of completed construction contracts were finished by their initial estimated delivery date. Projects are delayed for many reasons, but delays are largely caused by utility relocation and unanticipated field conditions. To reduce delays, the Highway Division is undertaking a multi-pronged effort with the goal of improving time performance. This effort includes identifying and accounting for construction risks early in the development of contract duration, exploring opportunities to relocate utilities ahead of construction projects, and working with design and contracting partners to improve the overall timeliness of the capital program.

During FY23, 74% of all construction contracts were completed on or under budget. Budget increases occur for a variety of reasons, including unforeseen conditions, errors or omissions in design, and scope added to projects when determined to be advantageous. The Highway Division holds post-project reviews with project managers, contractors, and designers to identify systematic factors contributing to budget increase and to develop policy or guidance to avoid repetition.

Percent Of STIP Projects Advertised

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) lists projects planned for federal funding during each federal fiscal year. Tracking the percent of projects listed on the original STIP that were advertised for bidding is a measure of how well the Highway Division and Office of Transportation Planning are working with regional partners in Metropolitan Planning Organizations to plan, prioritize and deliver projects to construction. The consistent delivery of STIP ensures that Highway Division is implementing the investments envisioned by the MassDOT Capital Plan.

In FFY23, 93% of STIP projects were advertised, an increase of seven percentage points from FFY22.

Number Of Construction Projects Active, Completed, And Planned

During FFY23, the Highway Division had 542 active construction projects, 128 of which were completed to full beneficial use. For FFY24, 71 more contracts are expected to become active.