What is the RMV?

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is one of the most critical MassDOT Divisions for the residents of the Commonwealth. The RMV is responsible for administering the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth related to the issuance of identification and driver’s license credentials, including REAL IDs, motor vehicle registrations and titles, as well as the safety and emissions inspection of motor vehicles and school buses. The RMV is committed to efficient customer experience, ensuring public safety, and enabling customer mobility across the Commonwealth. The RMV plays a critical safety role through the administration of driver’s education curriculum, the road test

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RMV Customer Experience

RMV Service Centers were highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most Service Centers were shut down or services were limited to essential transactions only starting March 16th, 2020. Prior to the pandemic, the Service Centers saw trends towards continued wait time improvement.

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RMV Safety

The pass rate for those taking a road test exam is a measure that compares the total volume of road tests exams by age demographic against those that pass their road test exam. In Massachusetts, you must pass a road test exam to be eligible for a driver’s license. Junior operators are any driver under the age of 18, they are also required to attend driver’s education before their road test exam. Customers who are 18 years of age and older do not have to attend driver’s education classes.

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RMV Sustainable and Healthy Transportation

Low and no emission vehicles help the Commonwealth reach its emission reduction goals outlined in the Global Warming Solutions Act and also help improve air quality for residents.  While electric and hybrid vehicles make up a relatively low proportion of personal vehicles on the roadway in the state, it is important to track going forward,  and as more vehicles are manufactured with alternative fuel types to gas and diesel, the hybrid/electric vehicle fleet will likely increase.

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