What is Aeronautics?

The mission of the Aeronautics Division is to promote aviation throughout the Commonwealth while establishing an efficient, integrated airport system that enhances airport safety, customer service, economic development, and environmental stewardship. Read More

Aeronautics Customer Experience

The Aeronautics Division serves a range of customers, with the bulk of the customer base primarily made up of aircraft owners. The aircraft registration program provides the division with data about the aircraft located at their facilities and about their owners. Read More

Aeronautics Safety

The Aeronautics Division is the air operations lead coordinating agency for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency; a partner in the MassDOT Emergency Management Committee; and participates in various emergency planning exercises across the Commonwealth. Read More

Aeronautics System Condition

Pavement represents one of the largest capital investments in the Massachusetts aviation system and maintaining the pavement condition is important for both cost-effectiveness and safety. The Aeronautics Division monitors statewide airport pavement condition through the airport pavement management system (APMS). Read More

Aeronautics Budget & Capital Performance

Capital budget disbursement is the percentage of total allocated capital budget that is disbursed to contractors, vendors, etc. by the end of the fiscal year. This measure is an indicator of how well the Aeronautics Division executes its planned expenditures. Read More