Highway Division

What is the Highway Division?

The ability for residents and visitors to reach their destinations is key to the Commonwealth’s quality of life, economy, and environment. To enable the millions of daily trips within Massachusetts, the Highway Division seeks to support a sustainable roadway network that is safe for walking, biking, micro mobility, transit, and driving.  Read More

Highway Customer Experience

As residents and visitors travel across the Commonwealth to where they need to go, whether by transit, automobile, walking or bicycle, it is MassDOT’s goal that the trip is safe, convenient, and reliable. Read More

Highway Safety

The number and rate of traffic fatalities and serious injuries are critical performance measures in the evaluation of the safety of our roadway network. Read More

Highway System Condition

The System Condition section includes information on pavement and bridge condition in the Commonwealth. MassDOT maintains high quality inventory and condition data for bridges and pavements (along with other assets) in order to support full life-cycle management of transportation infrastructure. Read More

Highway Budget and Capital Performance

The achievement of MassDOT’s greater goals and objectives is heavily dependent upon fulfillment of the MassDOT Capital Investment Plan (CIP). Measures within the section help the Highway Division gauge performance in advancement of the projects and contracts proposed by the CIP. Read More

Highway Healthy and Sustainable Transportation

As transportation emissions continue to increase in the state, and across the country, MassDOT is working to find climate solutions that support reductions in emissions. Read More