What is the RMV?

Customer Service Line at RMV Center

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is one of the most critical MassDOT Divisions for the residents of the Commonwealth. The RMV is responsible for administering the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth related to the issuance of identification and driver’s license credentials, including, REAL IDs, motor vehicle registrations and titles, as well as the safety and emissions inspection of motor vehicles and school buses.
The RMV is committed to efficient customer experience, ensuring public safety, and enabling customer mobility across the Commonwealth.

The RMV plays a safety critical role through the administration of driver’s education curriculum, the road test program, and the vehicle safety and compliance program. Services are offered through multiple channels, including online, mail, phone, at RMV Service Centers, and through public-private partnerships. The RMV also administers policy related to drunk driving and habitual traffic offenses and supports communication with the courts regarding criminal complaints and convictions.


Impacts of COVID-19

The RMV continues to adjust its operations and core business functions to provide necessary services while also ensuring the safety of employees and residents during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, the RMV restricted in-person transactions and temporarily ceased administering road tests and conducting suspension hearings in person. Customers were granted grace periods for deadlines for motor vehicle inspections and granted license extensions, and the federal deadline for REAL ID compliance was pushed back to May 3, 2023. Contact Center call and email volumes increased in FY21 as the RMV encouraged customers to complete transaction by phone, email, or mail when possible. The RMV is now using an appointment-based system for Service Centers, and new performance measures are included in this year’s Tracker to reflect the customer experience. Additional details and impacts of COVID-19 on the RMV are integrated where needed into each performance goal section.