What’s New in 2020?

Foggy View of Longfellow Bridge

This edition of Tracker marks the third year this report is web-based and interactive. Tracker 2020 updates more than data – this year, all divisions updated their performance goals, or targets, and Tracker now includes targets through FY24 and the long term. While this edition of Tracker includes new measures developed for several key areas, it also reports on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on MassDOT and the MBTA. See the COVID-19 impact summary for more details.

New performance measures for each division are highlighted below:

  • The Highway Division section now includes data on distracted driving citations and speeding violations. There are a number of new measures quantifying bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and travel, including statewide bicycle and pedestrian mode share. New measures on MassDOT-owned electric vehicle charging stations were also added.
  • The RMV section contains 14 new performance measures, including several that track the appointment-based system that is now in place at Service Centers due to the pandemic. New safety and environmental measures are also included in this edition.
  • Updates for the Rail and Transit Division include the addition of asset condition and inspection targets for Rail, and short-term targets for regional transit agencies for most performance areas, including safety and system condition.
  • The Aeronautics Division now includes performance measures to track its Drone Program, including the numbers of missions, flights, and different departments utilizing drone services.
  • Updates for the MBTA include the addition of performance measures to track transit priority projects and benefits, updated accessibility measures (including bus stop accessibility), financial and capital projects, and greenhouse gas emissions. There are also new measures quantifying span and frequency (measures of service quality defined in the Service Delivery Policy). Additionally, the safety and asset condition sections now align with the measures required by the federally mandated Agency Safety Plan and Asset Management Plan.