What is the Highway Division?

Bridge Over River

The ability for residents and visitors to reach their destinations is key to the Commonwealth’s quality of life, economy, and environment. To enable the millions of daily trips within Massachusetts, the Highway Division seeks to support a sustainable roadway network that is safe for walking, biking, micromobility, transit, and driving. The Highway Division’s 2,350 employees plan, design and construct infrastructure projects and operate and maintain the existing network.

The Highway Division divides the state into six districts in order to manage the 9,599 roadway miles owned by MassDOT, which includes all interstates and limited-access freeways. Approximately one-half of MassDOT roads are non-freeway. The Division is responsible for over 5,000 bridges, of which it owns 3,498. In addition to stewardship of state infrastructure, MassDOT oversees the design and construction of federally funded municipal projects.


Highway District Map

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